Henna Spa is a one hour procedure that uses the pigment known as henna to color and darken a person’s eyebrows, making them vivid and expressive. By using this technique, a brow artist could create an interesting visual effect that will give the eyebrows a more articulate look and get as deep as the epidermis layer to maximize the volume of the eyebrows. Henna is perfect for people who have sparse eyebrows, but it can be an unsuitable option for people who have greasy skin because its durability depends on the skin quality. The result lasts up to 17 days for the epidermis layer and up to 8 weeks for the hair. Since henna is made of a flowering plant that grows in the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and Asia, it is 100% natural and has no negative effect on your clients’ health. The henna eyebrows should be renewed every 4-6 weeks so they don’t start fading away. Learning this revolutionary method allows you to add another profitable service to your list, since it brings $50 per session.

Kit is not included