PhiBrows Grandmaster

Francek Prsa

Cost For Phibrows Microblading Training is $3500!

Phibrows Premium Kit ($1,200 Value) 2-day workshop: complete theory, video demonstration, practical training, assistance during and after your training-Work on a live model, while being supervised 100% of the time. Lunch & refreshments throughout both days. Marketing tips and advise on how to build your career and clientele. Attendance certificate. Access to CraftMaster Pro app/ 6-month support through online material. Lifetime mentor ship and ongoing communication with your instructor after your live training.

PhiBrows Microblanding

What Is Phi Microblading?

Microblading is currently the beauty industry leading and most innovative technique. Phibrows is a manual semi-permanent technique of filling in missing or nonexistent eyebrow hair, in which the shape is calculated according to facial morphology and golden proportion (Phi 1.618). It consists of using a manual process of tattooing, in which we mimic the appearance of natural hair by depositing vegan pigmentation. We create these hairlike strokes by drawing them on the direction of ones natural hair growth to achieve a hyper-realistic look. Each pigment is specially chosen to match the natural eyebrow color. All implements used are 100% sterilized to meet all health sanitation standards. Phibrows microblading is ideal for those who will like to reconstruct, define, cover gaps or fill in over-plucked eyebrows. In our in-depth live training, we will teach and demonstrate how to properly create these hairlike strokes in order to achieve the ideal healed results.


Why Choose Phibrows?

World renowned PhiAcademy has been dedicated to only bringing the best education possible to its students! We focus on targeting the overall quality this service requires in both knowledge and technique! Microblading education takes much more training than the typical one day certification most artist obtain now a days. Phibrows artists follow very specific high demanding work methods and standards, that are taught through our rigorous high quality education. PhiAcademy controls the quality of work to its members and provides ultimate support to them and their clients. Phi artists never stop working on themselves as they can always progress within the academy. This is your opportunity to join thousands of other artists worldwide who’ve also experienced the Phi difference and have proudly embraced this life changing career!

PhiLashes & PhiLifting Master

Sinan Yilmaz

Cost For Phi Lash Lifting Training is $1250!

Sinan is offering a great opportunity to learn the art of a demanding procedure called Lash Lifting.
Philasheslifting is a new generation significant and striking technique the active substances of which are composed of strong contents embracing the eyelash and which is performed for the purpose of curling fully straight and weak eyelashes, strengthening the same through keratin support and providing permanency of eyelashes, painting the same and revealing more vigorous appearance.
In our Philasheslifting training, we enable you to perform more correct transactions and have more healthy results dealing with the entire eyelash anatomy, eye anatomy, and technical information.