Classic Eyelash Extension

Elite Lash & Brow’s Basic Classic Eyelash Extensions Certificate Course is perfect for beauticians who want to increase their skill level and gain more clients by introducing a new service into their salon. Through professional instruction and hands-on learning, students attending Elite’s two-day Basic Classic Course will learn everything needed to know to start their own lash extension practice or grow their business.


Volume Eyelash Extension

Elite Lash & Brow’s Volume Lash Extensions Course was designed to train experienced lash artists who want to strengthen their skills by learning how to apply volume to the upper and lower lashes, to volumize one lash at a time. Students attending the Volume Course will also learn how to maximize volume without causing their client’s eyelashes to droop or sag.


Phi Lash Lifting

Philasheslifting is a new generation significant and striking technique the active substances of which are composed of strong contents embracing the eyelash and which is performed for the purpose of curling fully straight and weak eyelashes, strengthening the same through keratin support and providing permanency of eyelashes, painting the same and revealing more vigorous appearance.
In our Philasheslifting training, we enable you to perform more correct transactions and have more healthy results dealing with the entire eyelash anatomy, eye anatomy, and technical information.

  • January 20 


Phi Brows

Phibrows is a manual semi-permanent technique of filling in missing or nonexistent eyebrow hair, in which the shape is calculated according to facial morphology and golden proportion (Phi 1.618). It consists of using a manual process of tattooing, in which we mimic the appearance of natural hair by depositing vegan pigmentation. We create these hairlike strokes by drawing them on the direction of ones natural hair growth to achieve a hyper-realistic look. Each pigment is specially chosen to match the natural eyebrow color. In our in-depth live training, we will teach and demonstrate how to properly create these hairlike strokes in order to achieve the ideal healed results.

  • February 23-24


Our Expertise

Eyelash Extension Training with Elite Lash & Brow, you are training with the best in the business. Our certified instructors have a combined 15+ years of industry experience and a loyal clientele. Through our program, you are setting yourself up for success in the world of Lash Extensions.


Benefits you will get when you train with us:

  • $350 Professional Eyelash Kit
  • Financing available via PayPal Credit 
  • Opportunity To Increase Your Income Up To 10 Times
  • In-Depth Coverage Of Every Step Of The Procedure
  • Discounts On All Lash Products
  • Certificate Of Completion
  • 6 Months continuous online support
  • Life Time Support And Daily Communication/Guidance With Instructor After The Hands-On Training
  • Marketing Tips And Advice On How To Build Up Your Clientele
classic eyelash extensions

Estimated Earnings in $ (USD)




Average Cost of A Procedure


Weekly Income Based On 12 Clients Per Week






Average Cost of A Procedure


Weekly Income Based On 12 Clients Per Week





Certificate Of Completion

After completing the course, you’ll receive Elite™ Certificate of Completion


Work On Live Models

Practice, practice, practice. We live by this ethos and we make sure all our students get hands-on training on live models to practice their techniques.


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